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Protecting your reputation

In today's ever demanding business environment, it is of increasing importance to ensure that the good reputation of an organisation remains intact and that it does not place itself at risk due to the actions of a third party, which could mishandle funds or default on the delivery of the end product.

By using Hutchinson's Stakeholder Services, such risks can be entirely eliminated, leaving the marketer or agents to do what they are best at doing, i.e. selling the Developer´s product, without having the burden of collecting and accounting for sales proceeds. The advantages are all round, as the customer is safe in the knowledge that their funds are being held by an independent third party in a "client escrow account" until such time as he receives the goods; the Developer, at the same time, can be sure that the demise of any marketer or agent will not adversely affect its reputation and that he also receives his funds.

Hutchinson has many years of experience in offering this service to its clients and the company's highly-trained staff provides regular financial reports on receipts, payments and outstanding balances. All Hutchinson's bank accounts within the British Isles are recognised Client Accounts and are totally protected against financial failure of any of the parties (including the Stakeholder) and all cashbooks are fully computerised.

Additionally, if you are looking for UK consumer finance, Hutchinson can facilitate an introduction to a key independent UK-based cconsumer finance company. The availability of a consumer finance service for a resort developer in today’s market is key to the developer’s long term success and affords an increase in cash flows.

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