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Our Shared Leisure Services

Our team draws on more than 30 years' experience in the industry. We specialise in evaluating the appropriate Shared Leisure services and Trust structure for new projects. We have legal contacts in many countries worldwide, which enables us to assist Developers in ensuring they have the correct structure in place to comply with local and other legislative requirements.

At Hutchinson Trustees we offer a bespoke, flexible and transparent approach, adapting services to the needs of each individual developer client. We are able to assist new and existing operators at every stage of their project, ensuring that the end product is not only what they had envisaged, but is workable and can be differentiated from other products out there in the market place.

- by Veranne Wilkinson
Managing Director of Hutchinson Trustees

Product Structures

We have a selection of shared leisure legal structures and models available and we will put forward which structure best suits the Developers' project and product. We have specialist knowledge in the following areas:

1. Fixed & Floating weeks

This is the traditional timeshare product where the Member or Owner purchases a “right to use” for a specific length of time. At the end of the project, the property either returns to the developer, or it can be sold and the net assets distributed amongst the members or owners. Each member or owner pays an annual management fee, which is usually linked to inflation.

2. Vacation Clubs

With this type of product the Purchaser (Member) buys “points” or “weeks”. The “Points” can be used as a currency to book different sized units at different times of the year. A Vacation Club product is perhaps not particularly suited to small resorts, although it can work well if linked to an exchange company points/weeks programme.

3. Mixed use

This type of product is where a Resort Developer combines traditional Freehold (whole or fractional ownership) with a timeshare product, be that weeks or points.

4. Multi-Destination Clubs

This type of product is usually based on the Vacation Club system but rather than being a single resort the Developer has additional resorts or inventory in other destinations so offering a wider choice of vacation opportunities to his purchasers. This type of product is particularly well suited to a hotel chain or large independent resort developer.

5. Fractional projects

Within this type of project you will find a range of different product types, but essentially the purchaser will be a “set of weeks” which can range from 3 to 12 weeks. The Fractional product usually has a higher price point than timeshare and is in general a higher end product.

As Trustee, our scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the initial project and product identification meetings; at this stage, we talk through the various options available, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. Where required, we can also offer inspection visits to projects and make recommendations based on our findings.

Hutchinson Services

Our flexible approach to our clients' needs sets us apart in the industry and allows us to provide an enhanced service to the shared leisure professionals we work with.

We know that every client has individual requirements and we look at their products on a case by case basis before making our recommendations and creating a Trust structure and menu of services that suits the unique nature of their business.

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