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Exchange Companies

There are three main vacation exchange organisations that offer shared leisure owners the possibility to exchange their home resort weeks or points:


Dial An Exchange

Consumer Information

There are numerous websites which offer information and advice to consumers regarding the different Shared Leisure products which are available to consumers. To help orientate potential consumers in their research on Shared Leisure, we would suggest the following websites be researched as they contain ample information on the different types of products available, together with useful advice to new and existing owners and members.


Resort Development Organisation (RDO)


European Resort Owners’ Coalition


Timeshare Exit Concerns

Your Annual Management Fees

Some resorts and clubs have appointed Hutchinson or our sister company HBS Ltd, as collection agents for their annual management, maintenance or subscription fees. We have therefore prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Management Fees which we trust will assist you when it comes to paying your annual fees to your Club or Resort.

Please download here

Selling your Shared Leisure Product

There may come a time in the future where a shared leisure member or owner wishes to sell their membership or ownership. In such an event we would recommend that you first visit the Resort Developer Organisation (RDO) website where further information can be found regarding resale and RDO approved resale companies. There are numerous resale companies offering their services so we would also suggest that several companies be contacted for comparative purposes and that you familiarize yourselves with their terms and conditions, prior to placing week(s) or points for sale.

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Payment website

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